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[Han has been taking things a step at a time the past few days. He hasn't been rushing into battle around the city, but he's definitely been running into the monsters more times than he's happy with. Having his blaster with him helps, but he's trying not to get himself into anything he can't get out of easily. He's no Luke, he just has his wits and his blaster. They'll do for the most part, but he'll be glad when this is over.]

All I gotta say is, I'll be glad when this whole thing is over. I've fought a few monsters in my time, but not like these things, that's for sure. I'll get through, I always do, but I don't like this place getting so rough, either.

A Cold Winter Night

Oct. 20th, 2017 11:16 am
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WHO: Winter Schnee, OPEN
WHAT: At long last, Winter emerges from Fayren to kill monsters and judge people. Eventually she will fight a zombie unicorn and slay it to make it her very own Phantasmal Mount and it will be glorious.
WHEN: October 20th, 2017 - Night
WHERE: Genessia City

Summoner/Specialist/Magician Multiclass Extravaganza! )
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[Waking up in a pod apparently did not take Anna by surprise. In fact, she didn't seem shocked at all that she was just taken somewhere she'd never seen before. She actually seemed quite calm as she appeared in the feed. Once she spoke, the British accent became pretty clear.]

Well, can't say that this is something I expected to wake up to. I guess I just need to find my way back.

[But before she gave much time for anyone to tell her otherwise..]

I've already been brought up to speed by the hologram and the pamphlet. I guess it's nice to have an upgrade. [Gesturing to the phone for a moment.] I know that -- as of right now -- there is no known way out of.. uh... [She paused for a moment] Genessia.. was it? [Oh well, continuing on.], but this isn't exactly my first rodeo when it comes to supernatural forces. I'll find a way out.

For the time being, I need to find a place to stay, but more importantly a job; Have to pay for a place and whatever I'll need here somehow right? I'm not sure what you have in store for me, Genessia, but preferably something to do with investigations would be best. The agency that I worked for dealt with a lot of the supernatural causes that others turned a blind eye to. Back where I'm from, people don't take supernatural instances so well, so it's better not to rile up people where I don't need to.

But I suppose beggars can't be choosers, so I guess just getting a lay of the land would be best for the time being. If anyone has any useful information that I should know about this place that hasn't been covered already, please let me know. Until then, I'm off to find a job and a place to stay.

[And just like that she's gone.]

[OOC: Any halloween stuff will probably have to be after when I have an idea of where she's going to live.]


Oct. 19th, 2017 11:43 am
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Setsuna knew something was wrong as soon as she realized she wasn't in her room, the unfamiliar ceiling of the Bay staring her in the face. The unfamiliar weight over her stomach drew her attention, the young girl sitting up to sort through the box. She didn't seem to be in any immediate danger, indeed she still had her nodachi with her as she rifled through the boxes contents.

A part of her had wondered if she had somehow ended back up in Mundus Magicus, but the pamphlet quickly quelled that thought. Slipping the pendant around her neck, she made her way out of the Bay, bridging the long span of water in a single leap as she inspected the area around her, as well as the hologram awaiting her.


[Coming into view as the camera snaps on is a young girl with black hair pulled into a ponytail with a sword handle sticking up out of her shoulder. She's dressed in a school uniform as she looks into the camera.]

Ah, hello. I have read the pamphlet about this place and have seen the hologram. I have to wonder if anyone has seen any of my companions from my world here?

I suppose it would be best if I introduced myself. I am Setsuna. My companions are from a place called Mahora Academy where we were students once. I suppose the name Ala Alba or White Wings would also work since that was a name of our group.

It is nice to meet all of you.

- 1 Yukiko, + 1 Chosen Child

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:02 pm
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Lisa here, sadly saying I decided to drop Yukiko from Genessia. I just was not happy with what I was doing with her at all and as much as I tried to make myself do things...I just wasn't happy with it anymore. But after nearly three years here, I think it is best she rest. She did well to last that long for a muse I was never 100% confident of.

As for her business, I am sorting that out and will inform those interested how that goes. For Fayren, that will now be up to the deputies to rally together and work as a team over the next two months. (Also this kind of makes it look like the Fayren Guardianship is cursed)

With that sad departure I have brought in someone who is very loud be honest, I've been wanting to bring in a boy for the longest time but never found someone perfect. Until now.

This here is Takeru from that Digimon Series. He is a boy who is he is having problems will keep them to himself, can be a troll (mostly to his brother) and is someone who genuinely cares for his friends. He is coming from the movie that came out nearly three weeks ago, so if you want to avoid spoilers please let me know here. This will be the opt out post. I hope you like him and I'm looking forward to tagging out.

Phase 3 [Video/Action] Halloween Fun!

Oct. 20th, 2017 02:28 am
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[As you can see when the video starts, Den is wearing some kind of a wizard costume (complete with stars decor and a pointy hat) as he straightens the camera before he starts to speak.]

Okay... I have no idea what is going on in here, but I can't believe that someone gave me these cool costume! And just in time for Halloween as well!

[He then swings his wand around as sparkle (seemingly) comes out from the star tip.]

Cool, huh? And that reminds me, I was hoping if someone wants to join me on some trick-or-treating fun right here in Fayren. I hope the folks here have special candy they made like in Animus!

[Action] Costumes Galore! [Open/October 13-20]

[Whether if he's a werewolf in Fayren or a human in Genessia, you can tell he is enjoying the changeable costumes phenomenon in Fayren. So far, he often wears a wizard costume on Friday the 13th and Wednesday and a knight costume around during the rest of the week. But be careful, he tends to swing his plastic sword or wand around. A lot.]

[Action] Trash Day [Open/October 17]

[Fayren's "curse" this Halloween is like a lottery. Sometimes you get an awesome costume you have dreamed of, sometimes you will get only a decent and recurring costume for Halloween. For Den's costume today, he is the unlucky werewolf to get a trash can costume. Right now, he is struggling to walk around Fayren as a werewolf and in Genessia as a human. Just expect him rolling around in embarrassment (and if you like, laugh at his costume).]

[Video | Action in Genessia | Night]

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:47 pm
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[The streets of Genessia city are crowded with monsters, now visible in the feed because Scott had accidentally dropped his communicator during a scuffle with a ghoul.

Let it not be said that Scott Summers is a man who doesn't know how to adapt. He's taking full advantage of his new incubus form, using wings as sharp blades to stab and cut through his enemies or to lift himself in the air and get some extra momentum before a punch. The resulting dust cloud after he dispatches a banshee obscures the presence of a Wendigo. The beast takes advantage of that to deliver a vicious backhand, sending Scott flying hard into a nearby wall.

Scott stands up, swiping his hand below his nose and wiping away blood. He doesn't have super strength, never did, and he knows that a Wendigo is too strong to defeat with simple punches and kicks. Frowning, his brown eyes glint red for a moment. A second later, Scott's charging straight at the Wendigo, who tries to cut him with his claws when he gets near. He deflects the attack by leaning backward, sliding quickly along the ground and between the monster's legs to end behind him.

The Wendigo growls and trashes as Scott grabs him by the fur on his back, extends his wings and takes flight, lifting the angry beast with him. They are now out of frame but the growls of the Wendigo can still be heard, sounding further and further away with each passing second. Scott's voice is distant too but he can be heard casually asking the monster if he knows how do eagles eat turtles.

Nothing happens for about five seconds.

With a yowl, the body of the Wendigo comes crashing into the ground, exploding into a pile of dust.

A nearby mummy looks up in confusion, only to end faceplanting on the ground too when Scott drops from the sky like an angry god. He's standing on top of the broken mummy with his bat wings extended when he notices the dropped communicator.]


[Video] / [Action]

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:57 am
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[For those who hadn't seen Rose yet: she looks like a traditional gargoyle: stone, grey skin, bat-like wings, red glowing eyes, but for blonde hair, and her ability to speak in her mostly usual voice.]

They say you're not to keep wolves as pets.

I mean, first off, yeah, it ain't right to coop the wolf up inside, for sure, who wouldn't get stir crazy like that, yeah? But even beyond that, they'll never be domestic. You never know when one might turn around and bite ya, no matter how much you try to feed it.

I was always more a cat person myself. Had one as a kid. Even got a flap in the door on the Powell Estates so she could come and go as she pleased. I know what it's like to need to wander.

I didn't get a new one when she died. Not 'cause it hurt too much, I don't think that should ever make you stop from making new friends, [A VERY STERN LOOK AT THE CAMERA. Brought to you with all the subtlty of engraving it on a rock and throwing it at the Doctor's face.] but 'cause I was fourteen, and ran away at sixteen, and then when I came back I had to work off debts, but basically, I didn't intend ta stick around there very long, or even as long as I did.

[Pouts a cheek to the side, which looks hilarious coming from a gargoyle.] Fer awhile, I thought... outliving your friends, because of a really long life, must be like that. You never forget or stop loving your pets, and how close or important they are to you is just on you and them and whatever yer relationship together. Some people wouldn't let themselves get that close to pets, knowing they're gonna die sooner 'n not, but [Another stern look at the camera. SO SUBTLE ROSE.] I know my friends enough to expect better than that.

[Glances off sideways.] Somewhere along the way I started thinking of myself like a pet dog. I forgot that wolves can make humans or even domestic animals their pack mates, but you still mustn't think of 'em as tamed. It does 'em a disservice, but they can also bite even friendly hands. Never docile, are wolves, yeah?

Castmates, Koishi, & Action )

[Action, Open]

Oct. 19th, 2017 03:36 am
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Who: 47 and OPEN
Where: Some arcade somewhere in Genessia
When: Wednesday Evening
What: 47 takes advantage of the relative anonymity his costume gives him to have some fun.
Warnings: I can't think of any? Will add them if they come up.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth. )

[Action at GCPD]

Oct. 18th, 2017 06:58 pm
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[This was something that Akihiko didn't expect to be doing this soon. Sure he'd talked over studying Criminal Justice and the like with Aigis and Mitsuru, with the ultimate goal of becoming a detective, but he never thought he'd be able to get a job as a beat cop in the meantime. Then again, he wasn't all too clear on how one becomes a detective other than studying for it. So, here he was, in uniform, standing awkwardly in front of the police station.]

[He took a deep breath before stepping inside.]

M-my name is Akihiko Sanada. I'm going to be working here from now on. I hope we can all get along.

[He offered a small bow before straightening up and glancing around to see if anyone was even in the office...]

Bounty Hunting: Murder At Hands

Oct. 18th, 2017 04:33 pm
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WHO: Spider-Woman, Yang Xiao Long
WHAT: The Murder at Hands killer is on the loose, so it's time for some dangerous fisticuffs action. But who is this mysterious and snarky stranger who shows up to help???? Don't check the tags, you'll spoil it!
WHEN: October 9th, 2017 (Backdated)
WHERE: Genessia City

Hands where we can see them! ...Oh shit. )


Oct. 18th, 2017 12:43 pm
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Oh right, you might need one of these too. Faetan is adding another character to the roster, so have some Sailor Venus to make your life terrible. She's a tornado of passion and energy, and she truly means well. But, you know. I'm playing her, so.

There will be shenanigans.

I do have some notes, though! Minako is from the original Japanese anime, but I grew up watching the English dub. While I can definitely remember the different names, this is not the case with all of the details and terms that got switched. That means I'll probably reference 'The Negaverse' for example if it comes up. Just let me have this. The core of the character will definitely stay the same, and you'll all regret it immensely.

Monster Smash

Oct. 18th, 2017 12:01 pm
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Sailor Venus in ACTION! - Genessia City, 10/17, Evening )

[OOC: Want to get rescued by a fifteen-year-old girl? Fight side by side? You know what to do.]


[Video - 10/18, Morning]

[That sure is one very tired blonde teenager flopped out on the bed in a Commons apartment, facedown in her pillow, holding the communicator out in front of her. She tries to lift her head, decides it's not worth the effort, and the half an inch she gained is eradicated as her face meets the pillow once more. All that can be seen is her head of long blonde hair, tied back with a rumpled red bow that she should probably adjust, but hasn't.]

HeeEeeEEy... I'm supposed to introduce myself, so...


Here you go. I'm exhausted. Those monsters don't show up every night, do they?

...oh well...

[She'd be more weirded out if she weren't so completely exhausted. Her other hand flips up to flash a half-hearted "v" with her fingers.]

Minako Aino's the name I'll meet you all...later...zzzzzzzzzzz...

[Her uplifted hand drops, and the communicator falls from her limp fingers to clatter noisily on the floor. At least it ended on the 'stop recording' button.]

[Needless to say, she'll have actual replies later that afternoon. For now, she sleep.]

[2nd Shot] [Text/Action]

Oct. 18th, 2017 12:49 pm
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Does anyone know how long this will last? Were there any events related to this in the past?

Action: Attleton CW: dead bodies )

3rd Spell [action.]

Oct. 18th, 2017 11:16 am
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[Action: a. Nova City - Midnight on the 13th]

[Because she's a resident of Nova City, when the clock strikes twelve, the cat was no longer in the apartment. But there was some cat-like creature roaming about in the city, purple with a hint of light violet fur on the ears and chest. It had a collar around it's neck. If anyone came across this creature, she may look a little vicious, and may try to approach. All she wanted to do was play.

If not, when daybreak came, someone might stumble upon a naked woman with a collar on, curled up sleeping peacefully either on a tree, on someone's porch or chair if it's outside, anywhere where it seemed conformable in a cat-like manner.]

[Action: b. Anywhere else.]

[At this point, Blair was aware of her transformation and doesn't seem too bothered about it. Either she'd be in a werecat form, or waking up in some unusual places, and it wasn't just in Nova City.]


Oct. 17th, 2017 11:26 pm
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[he appears looking a little gaunter than usual. He's standing somewhere dark and obviouslyoutside.]

Right. So when they say that you'll be cursed when you enter Nova City, all evidence points to that being the case. So if you'd rather not-- I'd stay out of it if you can. In light of that and everything else happening round the... everywhere, classes are on hold until everything gets sorted.

[there is a fairly loud grumbling and he winces]

Anyone know of a blood bank nearby and do they accept red bills? [then immediately] No, that was a joke.

[he seems to see a flicker of movement and he turns his head, his eyes widening at something just behind the camera. Whatever it is makes what little color left in his face leave it. He offers the camera a tight smile]

Otherwise, stay safe, watch your back, don't do anything stupid. We're not the last anymore. [though the last part seems to be addressed to someones very specific]

[ooc: feel free to run into the Doctor pretty much anywhere around Attleton or Nova City.]

[Video/Action] OD'd On Magic

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:17 pm
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Who: Koishi and YOU
What: Koishi's costume
Where: Fayren & Genessia City
When: Start of the event
Warnings: Koishi being cute annoying


When the feed clicked in it shows a very excited looking Koishi. Her hair had been pulled partially back and someone had given her hat a much longer ribbon and pinned roses and feathers in it. Her outfit was new too sporting long sleeves with oversized cuffs and a capelet that split into two and trailed down to her knees. This was combined with knee high boots that, by all accounts, her biology shouldn't be allowing her to wear without shenanigans, white gloves, a green skirt with a giant bow and some form of... wand? Even her third eye had a little ribbon tied onto the artery next to it.

Like some sort of... magical girl outfit?

"Hey! Everyone! Look! Look at this! I got a new outfit! I woke up with it and now I have it! Isn't it adorable?" She waved her arms, the wand scattering some glitter and lighting up. "I'm going to go fly around, okay? There will be so many sparkles!"

Oh no... The glitter...


Practically all day, every day Koishi could be found floating around Fayren and Genessia alike, waving her wand, poking at people and making a huge mess ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. It wasn't clear if her costume just came with an unlimited supply of glitter or she was actively re-filling the wand but anyone not paying attention or not being careful might find themselves more sparkly than when they started out that day. Oh no.

[Video; Tuesday Evening]

Oct. 17th, 2017 05:37 pm
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[A werewolf with a red tie, clever square black glasses and a certain cuckoo hair lick on the mane greets everyone]

Hallo, I'm The Doctor. Noticed that some of the residents of this world have found themselves transformed into other creatures.

So - if you find that you're a gargoyle or vampire - please find me near the Police Box in Nova City. I have worked out an antidote so, those of you turning into stone in the morning will no longer do that and for you vampires, I can supply blood packets.

All free of charge of course.


Professor Sycamore.


[Action for Nova City]

[There's a werewolf standing in a 'pop up' shop near a Police Box and on the table are thick plastic packets of synthetic blood (no blood smell to them), gotta sink your fangs into them, right? And vials that are corked closed and in vial holders for the gargoyles. He sits there, swishing his tail back and forth and looks tired.]

(OOC: Also the gargoyle potion isn't able to work but he gets points for trying)
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A. [Action, guild master appartment, closed to Zeref] )

B. [Video - OTA / Action possible for the residents of Fairy Haven]

[Later that day, once Mavis has actually figured out what the costume was about.]

So... it seems most people in Fayren found a costume in their room. This is mine.

[She holds the camera at arms length, allowing the camera to show her wearing this cute dress completed with black pantyhose and, yes you saw that right, shoes! With heels! Her little white wings have also been replaced by little red horns, and she has small red bat-like wings in her back and a matching red devil tail.

She smiles.
] Isn't it cute? Zeira would be so jealous! I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be, though...

A demon maybe? ...Though I've never met a demon with such a cute outfit.

If you have any ideas, please let me know!

[Mavis bows slightly to the camera. The feed ends.]


Oct. 17th, 2017 08:41 am
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[ There's a Japanese black bear on screen. He's surrounded by mats. Anyone familiar with the location could tell that he's at Sand Gym. The bear is holding a sketchbook open to a page with large, bold letters.]


[ It might actually be easier to judo flip him in bear form, since his sense of balance is different. As a Japanese black bear, he's not that much larger than he is in human form. Flipping a bear is still something to brag about, though.]
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